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Why shop local?

Farmers markets bring together communities, shoppers and sellers, alike. Whether you need to buy some fruit, meat, or some hand crafted jewelry, farmers markets offer a wide variety of unique and locally produced items. Yet, many people still do not recognize the benefit of buying local. Outlined below are three significant reasons to forego the supermarket chain and instead stop buy your local farmers market.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Buying local is better for the environment, why? While shopping at your local supermarket chain, you buy carrots, packaged in a plastic bag. Next you buy herbs, packaged in a plastic container. When you buy from chain retailers you are in fact supporting the adding of more plastic into our world. Most farmers markets forego single use plastic, instead selling produce without the added bag. While, encouraging you to bring your own reusable bags. By doing so they help to reduce our environmental footprint.

2.  Supports Local Prosperity

By buying from your local farmers market, you help to support your community. That could be your neighbour, friend, or colleague. Purchasing items from vendors, helps to keep and create local jobs, which helps to feed into your local economy. Buying local helps to support people that you know.

3. It’s Fun!

Shopping local allows for a more authentic and happier experience. It allows you to connect to your community in a new way. As well it allows you to show support to the community that you are a part of. Not only this, but it’s fun. Talking to the vendors, finding out where the product, or food you are purchasing comes from, enjoying the walk around that is a far cry from the stuffy and overcrowded supermarket you are used to. Farmers markets are a fun and interactive experience for all ages.

So bring your friends, families, kids, and pets to your local farmers market. Come and support your local community, and all it has to offer.


Written by:

Lucy Beck : Food Sustainability Project Assistant

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